Silent Studies

April 12, 2018
By brighterwriter BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
brighterwriter BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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The bell rings.
Students find their seats.
Teacher stands,
And begins to speak.

“What is a vivid verb?”
The students do not deign to respond.
To remark or comment or explain.

“What is a vivid noun?”
Sigh. Exhale. Murmur.


“What is not a vivid noun?”
Students silently shout,
Thing. Thing. Thing.
“It starts with a T.”
Thing. Thing. Thing.
“The next letter is H.”
Suspenseful stillness.

“The answer is thing.”


From the pupils proceeds,
Pure astonishment.


The class continues.



The author's comments:

I was in an English class that only had 13 students who were all pretty quiet.  I was getting bored and decided to take notes in an unconventional fashion.  One of the things I worked on when writing my final draft was making it relatable to other students and people, not just those in my class.

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