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Key To The Unknown

April 25, 2018
By Anonymous

After the long walk with countless steps,
She came to a stop.
Standing in front of her are two doors.
One colorful and the other plain white.
Each door attempting to gain her attention.

The color stained door    And   The simple white door
With a canvas curtain,       Concealed by bandages
Along with paint brushes   And   Plasters, X-ray films
Creating patterns and designs,      Forming images
Of adventurous places    And   Images of her bloodlines
Yelling and expecting,       Anticipating her
To answer their calls    And   To satisfy them

With the Key in her hand,
She stood there contemplating carefully
Which door fits the Key.
No room for any mistakes;
With one wrong move,
She can kill the hope and dream of
The people who struggled to give her this life.
But while trying to delight them,
Her own dreams can be shattered and lost.
She looked for mentors to guide her,
Friends to help her.
But at the end of the day,
None of them but only
Has the Key to open the door.

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