Inked Scars

April 24, 2018
By SarahBear72 BRONZE, Cohoes, New York
SarahBear72 BRONZE, Cohoes, New York
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Line by line,down the line
On paper;on skin
Words nor ink can heal the wounds that remain
Physical,mental,emotional scars all left behind
Left behind in permanent ink
Reminders of wars,battles I’ve won and lost
But yet they create a beautiful symphony on tragic notes
Strung together by a fine line of patience and belief
In a world full of clean canvases
Be a graffitied brick wall,but don’t use your skin as the wall

The author's comments:

After going throught the things I did I wanted people to know they're not the only ones and that theres always hope.I haven't hurt myself in 5 years (5 years this August).If I can get better anyone can.I still struggle but I handle things differently more than I ever have especially when I'm in situations that distress me.

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