April 20, 2018
By Tez.C BRONZE, Centreville, Illinois
Tez.C BRONZE, Centreville, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"What can i say?"

Life is like a test you never know which question is the last.
That’s why you always have to focus and pay attention even if you’re not in class.
Once you feel like you got and you think  you understand.
Do some more practice even if it means the same question over again.
School is a place for students to learn.
By the time you graduate you should no how much money you’ll earn.
Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, dentist or stock broker.
From accountant to actor or even a pro at playing poker.
School is a place where you find all your strengths and all your weakness
Mostly designed to prevent the students from living in bleakness.
You pass the subjects you like and fail the ones that are complicated.
If you fail too many classes most would call you uneducated.
But if you focus and pay attention you’re sure to pass all your classes.
Just don’t be upset when they start calling you the nerd with the glasses.
Even if you don’t wear any and you have 20/20 vision
Always expect something
These people continue joaning with precision.
Walking through life waiting on my blessings
Looking forward to the future while staring up at the heavens.
Waking up to a new day but still worrying about the past
Sometimes it feels like my life is a movie and I'm not even part of the cast
Just another extra watching the scenes pass me by
I know i'm in the hands of God so i just sit back and enjoy the ride
Even if things seem bad just wait and be patient. 
Your hard work and effort will take you to new places.
Whether It's physical, mental, or spiritual you will experience a great pleasure.
Just remember sometimes you have to go through dirt to find your wildest treasure.
When you get to these places be wise in your decisions
You only live once which means there’s no going back to make revisions.
Speak from your heart and be true to yourself
How can you be a doctor and not be concerned about your own health
Often some lose focus where there is not truth
How can you be a lifeguard while someone is drowning and claim you don't know what to do. Traveling through life some call it a storm
God blessed us so much yet some wish we weren't born.
Some people go through life stressing over what they don't have.
When that homeless man you see on the street only craves a hot meal and a warm bath. Always appreciate what is given
I simply thank God for having both of my parents still living.
If they weren't here I would be lost and a product of my environment.
I would have never seen the age of 18 but now I have plans for retirement.
My dad gave me knowledge and wisdom at a very young age.
Mom gave me love and hope because of her everyday I pray.
Together they made a sophisticated young man.
They told me I was going to soar high in life ever since I been measuring my wingspan.
I choose to trust family because the world is truly cruel
But don't be like me you never know what's in store for you         
Live your life making right choices
And don't listen to the wrong voices

The author's comments:

Trying to reach and inspire the youth 

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