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My Math Teacher

April 19, 2018
By The_Silver_Archer SILVER, Chennai, Other
The_Silver_Archer SILVER, Chennai, Other
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You should see my teacher of  Math
A beautiful subject, Maths, claims he
Trig, Algebra, Division, Sets and Stats,
Too much in love with Mathematics is he.
You should see the way his eyes light up,
As if the darkness of ignorance were just a metaphor,
He’s in love with Maths,
I’d say,
If you were to ask me that is.
His salt pepper hair and his rimmed glasses,
His serious face,
And that salt pepper moustache,
Makes him frightening to see,
Sometimes that is.
But all is forgiven once you remember that,
He is a man in love.
Then you remember,
He’s in love with Maths
And we wonder if he is mad,
For what is that beauty he sees in her?
Is it her eluding grace?
Her perfect figure - s,
Or her sly little smile that says,
“Solve me if you can!”
As we say,
“Catch me if you can!”
And no matter how much in vain we try,
She runs away, escapes away and we cry,
May be he feels sorry for her
Doesn’t she have enough problems on her own that she woos my teacher into solving (catching) her?
Even as he looks at the number on his vehicle
Six-one-seven-nine it is.
And he says that six plus one makes seven
And that seven plus one plus one makes nine
He brightens at this discovery as he explains it to us
We patient folks
He calls his wooer beautiful as he tackles a piece of algebra
He says that she is interesting as he solves the problem in trigonometry in a jiffy
We look at him,
And wonder,
Some times in chills,
Sometimes in amazement,
For he sweeps through the problems as if she were his Dancing partner in a ball.
He solves the problem as if he were Prince Charming flashing smiles and complimenting his Cinderella enough to keep her smiling
And isn’t that true?
He’s in love with Maths, the lady of concealment,
And she’s in love with him.
For no matter how hard the problem is, he can solve it
No matter how far she ran away from him,
She returns to his charming talk
And still we wonder,
And we look at him as he explains a piece of beauty of his bewitching wooer.
His bright eyes and his smiles make it almost romantic
- For my maths teacher is in love with the most wondrous beauty of all - Maths.

The author's comments:

It is about my math teacher.

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