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Overworked and Under rested

April 18, 2018
By mthibault12 SILVER, Stratham, New Hampshire
mthibault12 SILVER, Stratham, New Hampshire
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In high school our minds are cluttered, crushed and conformed 
As a ninth grader I can tell you that Ethiopia was colonized by the Italians and Morocco by the French but I can’t even tell you when my 9 year old cousins birthday is ( wait is she even 9?)
I can tell you that
I have  never been taught how to have a conversation,
I have never been taught how to have connections or relationships with important people in my life,
As a generation we are already locked behind screens. We spend more time talking to our friends online then actually in person.
Adults are constantly telling us how life was different in their age, and honestly I wouldn’t mind going back to the days where it was safe to ride you bike to your friends house 6 miles away, and when your parents didn’t worry that you didn’t come home before dinner, and you can spend the whole day “fishing” by the lake with sticks and rocks.

We have become a generation of  robots, trapped inside our own bodies and behind our iphone screens.

Yet the reality of modern day competitiveness and the technological culture is shoved into our throats until we can’t


projects, posters, priorities
Learn how to manage your time.
My brain overworked
Our minds cluttered
I can tell you the quadratic formula,
But I can't even tell you how old my cousin is.

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