We Were Sand

April 16, 2018

I wonder where it all went wrong.
I wonder what happened to us.
How did we turn into you and I?
How did it crumble around us, like sandcastles.
We are the careless kids.
We do not see the time and effort put into castles.
We do not see the time it takes to rebuild them.
Or build them in the first place.
I think I understand now.
We didn’t build a sandcastle.
We built a sandpile; uneven and sloppy
   With no real foundation.
And we are children. So we knocked it over.
And my god, did the sand of time fly.
Did the memories reach and spread and fall through the air
   Like a cataclysm of hurling words,
Before falling to the sand below it.
How anticlimactic.
I wish I could have captured it on film.
The grains, sparkling like diamonds in the sun.
Floating momentarily in front of your eyes,
What a sight to see.
But we were children.
And we wanted to build a castle together.
But the thing about sand is,
It’s not good for building,
Is it?

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