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Looking into the Eyes of my Killer

April 17, 2018
By paradoxward00 BRONZE, Rayville, Louisiana
paradoxward00 BRONZE, Rayville, Louisiana
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I smell smoke and wet dirt.

My feet languidly graze the slippery ground.

All I can see is darkness surrounding me.

There is terrifying screams coming from every direction.

Where am I?

The last thing I remember is falling.

It was a continues feeling.

My stomach dropping until I went numb.

I grasp my head from the siering pain.

Blurry silhouettes start to flood my vision.

The shadowy figures turn out to be tall buring trees.

What happened?

How did I get into the woods?

The fire starts to spread to the few dry leaves around me.

I try standing only to fall from the dizziness.

I can't comprehend what's going on.

Everything's happeneing so fast.

The flames grow taller as they spread.

I finally get to my footing after I try to stand a few more times.

Looking around I see there's an opening between two trees.

I make a run for it, tripping on roots and foliage.

My body slams to the ground, mud splattering onto my face.

I turn around and see the flames crawling closer.

The fire grasping at every living thing sucking them dry and turing them to dust.

My face feels warm from the heat of the flames.

I know I won't survive.

But, staring at my inevitable killer is haunting.

The author's comments:

This piece is talking about my fear of fire and shows how that fear presents itself in my head. I wrote this piece off of a dream I had. 

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