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I Remember...

April 4, 2018
By shayemahoney BRONZE, Southborough, Massachusetts
shayemahoney BRONZE, Southborough, Massachusetts
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I Remember…
It has been a year since I got to see you.
I remember your voice; its friendly tone always comforted me.
I remember it is as if it were yesterday when we last spoke.
I play back those conversations in my head everyday.
I remember hanging out in the kitchen after I got home from school.
Sharing even the most irrelevant details of my day were the amazing times I now realize I took for granted.
I remember the car rides we would go on together when I was younger.
It was during those rides I sampled the first tastes of your music.
The music I now listen to everyday.

I’m like you in more ways than I know.
To this day, I still catch myself repeating your same phrases.
Those same words and phrases like “kiddo” and “No me importa” that used to drive me crazy.
I remember us as a team.
Game nights with the whole family would be us against everyone else.
I remember the Rock Band tournaments that we would undoubtedly win.
And who could forget running out of the corn maze first every year in the fall?
I remember the family vacations we would go on.
We were always the adventurous ones wanting to look around while everyone else relaxed at the pool.

I remember the continuous five hour drives we would take to come visit you at college.
From Massachusetts to Kutztown, Pennsylvania the long drive was always worth it when we pulled into your apartment complex.
I remember talking with mom and Hannah about all of the things we wanted to do and all of the stories we wanted to share with you.
You would always be ready to pass up plans with your friends to spend the day sitting with us in a small pizza shop catching up.

It’s that special personality; your eagerness to make people happy.
I remember how you would cherish those close to you.
It didn’t matter how big a fight was.
You always looked past it and gave the second, third or even fourth chance.
I remember the warm feeling that would spread through the house when you would come home on school breaks.
We would all be together again as our small, but happy family.
I wish I could hold onto that feeling forever.
The weeks would go by fast, but were still filled with fun nonetheless.

I remember how good you were at math.
You didn’t even have to try, it always just seemed so simple for you.
I remember story you told of your senior year math teacher hanging up the drawings you did in class instead of taking notes.
Just like the rest of us, she saw how naturally smart you were.
From simple multiplication to geometry, there wasn’t a math problem that I needed help with that you couldn’t explain.
You were always ready to help.
I remember being afraid to wake you up in the morning after mom had left for work and I had missed the bus.
Even though it was a pain, you would still roll out of bed to drive me in every time.

I appreciate the things you would do for me, big or small.
I guess it took me too long to figure that out.
I wish these were the things I could say “I love” about you and not what “I remember” about you
Sadly I cannot.
I remember all of these things about you and I will never be able to forget them.
Is it possible that you remember them too?

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