April 4, 2018
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The rickety train cars slightly shifted underneath my dirt-covered boots. With a frown upon my lips, I was a misanthrope. Many voices, the laughter of children, and the shushing of the elders filled the cars. I looked about, seeing a yawner about to close their eyes in need of rest. My thoughts yearned to come forth in sound but not yet did I want them to do so. Myself, a person with a melancholy tone that voiced over my speech and a feeling of being nostalogic at this very point in time, I too-am just as wise as the wheels of these cars traveling amongst thses tracks. Then, something like a loud breakout of noise corrupted and caught my attention. A sobbing, hiccuping baby of whom was lucid of having xenophobia, with no mother to touch. The mother was letting the baby be held by an older gentlemen of which she knew. Just then, the wheels piqued and everything flew forward and the cars went wonky down the hells. Being trapped under water was terrifying for my last few seconds of air and sight.

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