April 4, 2018
By alycorn BRONZE, Millbrae, California
alycorn BRONZE, Millbrae, California
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White and black
Black and white
Two ends of the spectrum
Never to unite

Death is black
So life is white?
Then why was grandma’s hair
The color of winter at its height?

Ask a painter
And they will say
Black is all the colors
Mixed in a tray

Ask a scientist
And they will say
White is all the colors
In a single ray

Ask them the opposite
And they won’t agree
Whether it’s white or black
That is color free

These two opposites
these two extremes
Might not be as different
As they seem

Water and salt
The oceans are made
But only with one
Will your thirst fade

Fire and smoke
Not one without the other
Yet while one lights the way
The other stings and smothers

Take a look closer
And you will see
The world’s spectrum
Stretch and squeeze

So hot it numbs
So cold it burns
So fast the spectrum
Seems to turn

Blinded by the dark
Blinded by the light
These two opposites

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