Battery Powered

April 3, 2018

If I am like a battery, you are like a toy. Battery powered you were, you took my once lively and abundant self, took me through hell and back, treated me like sh*t, but your charming ways made me think it was a positive thing. You made me feel like I was perfect, and I thought nothing would break whatever we had, but that was before I started to feel worn down. That was before you realized that batteries didn’t last forever. You started to take me for granted, because you knew I wasn’t good enough to be in your life, but you would never admit to it. You tried to convince me that I was still vital to you, but we both new that I wasn’t. You finally used me up, until I was nothing but a piece of garbage to you. Then you found someone new, but in your view they were valuable enough for you and i was garbage to them too. If I am like a battery, you are like a toy. You used me up until I ran out of energy, threw me out, and replaced me with someone new.

The author's comments:

This poem/story is about a couple friends of mine who made me feel unwanted. They used me until they found someone better, and it made me feel like they never cared at all.

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