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April 10, 2018
By CarterJulia SILVER, San Angelo, Texas
CarterJulia SILVER, San Angelo, Texas
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"We must keep our imagination stimulated." ~My Tech Theatre Teacher

There are many amazing things to love about the sun. Like how big it is and how bright is shines. And how it is one of the brightest stars. And yes it can cause terrible sunburns but there is so much beauty in it. Like the way the sun paints the sky every morning and every night. But one of my favorite things is how it gives us life. How it is exactly 92.96 million miles away from us. No more. No less. And the way the sun dies everyday just for the moon to live through the night. And how it reminds us that no matter how dark it gets the sun will always rise again. There are so many beautiful things happening right now. A baby is being born. Someone just met the love of their life. Old friends are reuniting. Couples are kissing in the rain and making love through the night. We wouldn't have all these priceless moments without the sun.

So how can you not love the sun?

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by a dark time in my life. Sometimes things get so dark that we forget that there is a bright side to things. So this is about happiness and the bright side. I hope you enjoy.

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