Two Sailors

April 9, 2018
By TheFades BRONZE, Houston, Texas
TheFades BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Two dead sailors drafted on a boat

One with a patch and the other with a coat

Here I come one, two, three

Gobbled two sailors, now its just he

Paddle, paddle, splash, splash

I see land

Can he make it there?

Yes he can

Paddle, paddle, splash, splash

Alone at sea

What was land,

was just he

One little sailor drafted in a boat

Scared as a child in pumped up moat

Imaginary hunger, bloody as can be

Took his own life in the barren sea

Bright Red oceans and boiled blubber

Make this man into my supper

Deeper, deeper down my throat

Drown like the kid in the pumped up moat

Zero sailors drafted in a boat,

Barren empty, patients are a bloat,

Flipped it up and inside out

The boat runs down, down, down

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