A Rainbow's Death

April 6, 2018
By Raeyne BRONZE, Sultan, Washington
Raeyne BRONZE, Sultan, Washington
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Death, it’s an ugly thing. It takes and leaves nothing but pain in return. A rainbow’s death, though, that’s different.


It’s happy. It’s beautiful. It’s inspiring and stunning.


When a rainbow passes away, their endless circle of color shatters into a billion tiny colorful drops. These drops fall to earth, radiating joy and peacefulness.


It’s almost like a light sprinkle of rain, but after the sun comes out. Each drop is almost invisible, though if you look closely enough you can see it one drop at a time.


Red, orange, yellow. Green, blue, indigo, violet.

These colors spread hope, and when a rainbow dies it means that hope has been spread.

It means that the rainbow’s job is done.


It is assumed that a rainbow is it’s most beautiful when it is clearly seen, but this is not the case.

Beauty is not in appearance alone,

but in the accomplishments and the aspirations.

It is in the generous, and kind acts.


This is why when a rainbow dies, it isn’t like any other death.

The author's comments:

I found a first draft of this written a few years ago, and I thought that I would update it a bit.

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