Day Two of Nostalgia

April 11, 2018
By SebastiandeLorean BRONZE, San Ramon , California
SebastiandeLorean BRONZE, San Ramon , California
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Come and take my hand, for I will tell you a little secret
Here on the edge of the cliff, where the waves will come
and wash against our feet
Now close your eyes and feel the sun of old
as it dances across the sea

Give me entrance to your buried thoughts
for you have no use of them anymore
Let the myths of the past
cover your aching wounds

Sing with me to the rising white moon
as we so often did when we shared the same crib
Hold on tight to these withering rose petals
and feel the harsh pricking of the hidden thorns

Close your eyes, my sweet sister
and think of the times when we were children
For nothing dark can reach you in your dreams
and I will be here to guide you
From this world to the next

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