April 8, 2018
By Anonymous

What happened to that sweet hearted kid that I once knew?
You were once so full of love and joy, but now you’re just empty.
So kind and welcoming, you were the center of so many lives.
But they left you, they abandoned you.

Now you’re full of paranoia and anxiety.
You go into hiding and run away to far off lands, all I can do was watch.
We watched as all of your friends refused to help, they left you marooned.
Your eyes are heavy, they sag with exhaustion.
All you want anymore is one decent night of sleep.
But all you get are late night drives, full of confusion and rage,
Where you don't know where you are going,
Or what you are doing.

What happened to that level headed kid?
What happened to backseats and beaches?
Your heart matched the beat of the radio.
We did all the stupid things that all young kids do.
But you don't come outside anymore, you don't come with us anymore.
Then, again, most of the people who were with us are gone now.
Euphoria and neon lights are fading.
And so are you.

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