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Thank you for being there

March 26, 2018
By Anonymous

never knew you but I just wanted to say thank you for being there.
I only hear stories but I can tell you would always care.
I love hearing their stories about all the times you all would go and fish.
And I know if this family could have one wish,
It would be for them to have seen your pain
I can still see how it drives them insane
I never met you but thank you for being there.
I know that you really did care.
I only hear stories.
Stories about a second father.
Stories about a friend.
I know the pain must've been awful for your life to end.
I don't know what you were going through
But I know you felt like this is what you had to do
I never knew you but thank you for being there
This family knows that you did care.
I never met you but I've heard stories.
I've heard about your struggles
I've heard about your pains
I've heard about your addictions
To them you were tough
But for you? You had, had enough.
But now you'll live on in their hearts
You played a massive part
Thank you for always being there
Just know. That even now. This family will always care

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