What is Dead (Inspired by Game of Thrones)

April 5, 2018

I am happy
I am more than that
I am happiness
I am ceaseless joy and childlike wonder that knows no
The way the horizon
Joins the mountains and the sky
My life is poetry
And my ramblings unabridged sonnets
I am a breath of fresh air to others
And as i flood their lungs
The chemistry of death dissolves
For what i know proves as true
Shaking fire into my bones
And igniting a soul into my corpse
For he is the silence between notes that
Gives rhythm to noise
Producing a tune
All creatures
Sing to.
And so I rise,
As others fear death as a threat,
I embrace him as an old friend
For what is dead may never die
And what lives may never thrive if it
Ignores the ticking of its times.

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