Live Life if You Know How

April 4, 2018
By OneSeven-billionth PLATINUM, Westerville, Ohio
OneSeven-billionth PLATINUM, Westerville, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Writing does not resurrect, it buries." - John Green
"We are all just barnacles on the container ship of consciousness."-John Green

If I could put in words
The value of this life
And the emotions
And colors
The music
And love
I would tell the world
And it would create hope
But not everyone would understand
Because words don't have meaning
Unless the reader
Connects emotion
And if the reader doesn't know the emotion
Then I can't help
I can talk for hours
And write books of poetry
But they would not help
They would not give people
What I have felt
And cannot explain why I still hold on
Its hard to save a drowning person
Unless they want to get out of the water
Unless they know the feeling of oxygen in their lungs
I can't put this power into words
But these words
Can revive the power in my soul
And save me
If I can't save anyone
The most I can do is save myself

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