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homage to heartbreak

April 3, 2018
By ybnrayee BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
ybnrayee BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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to my heartbreak, i commend you
a lot of me was lost in you
just waiting to be found
you played me like a violin
and i still cared for you
feeling, falling for you
the scar you left cut me deep
but it made me
cheating, clinging, crying
the tears you caused
were the building blocks
of a blossoming flower
i used to go to sleep
wishing i could die in my nightmares
crying myself into a dreamless slumber
only to wake up refreshed,
as if i were a different person
to my heartbreak
i commend you
you made life hard
you made me question my existence
but to you
i show the utmost appreciation
i show my most bittersweet gratitude

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