I remember

April 2, 2018
By eelxela BRONZE, New York, New York
eelxela BRONZE, New York, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Nothing is certain except for the things that are"

I remember you

Your almond shaped eyes turned up to the moon

your face glowing white 

as the stars seem to illuminate around you. 
Your lips

fluttering like the wings of a

ruby-throated hummingbird about to take off in flight

and you whispered

It'll be alright-

but just like a hummingbird you could never stay still.


I remember before,

Eating waffle cones like everything was going to be okay,

Buying overpriced oak scented candles and

Then the rays of sun surrounding the next morning.

with the breeze blowing by
It smelled like home.

I saw that you left your candle burning before you left

I left it there until the wax ran out

and watched the flame die

because it didn't have anything else to hold on to. 


The last thing I remember is 

You left a note too, beneath my layers of
Forest colored sweaters.
And I can see your scrawled hand writing so

You either didn't care enough to write neatly or 
you were running out of time
Its ironic because
the note said,
“People leave but promises don’t.”
and when I read that
the first time
I cried and laughed,

the laughed and cried,
because I didn’t know what I felt
Yet, in a twisted way I hope your note is right
Because you promised you would
come back for me.


I remember how I felt 

me sitting down and wondering
how loud the Silence
will be
If you do come back


I remember right now 


As i sit here and write this to you 

I am realizing the silence may be loud if you come back,

But then again

You’re not here and

the Silence is pretty damn loud

right now

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