When Will They Show Us

April 5, 2018
By Anonymous

Why is it, that we let others break us down?
Tear our hearts out, as if it was so easy?
As if it was as easy as waking up in the morning?
As if it took no effort?
Why is it, that we think that just because our fingers are intertwined with theirs,
That it’s going to last forever?
Why is it?

How do we know that they’re not going to leave?
How do we know that just because they kiss our foreheads in the morning,
And say, “You’re beautiful.”, that they don’t really mean it?
How do we know that they truly want to rub your back when you feel sick?
How do we know that even if they say, “I’ll love you until the world ends.”, that they don’t  only mean it metaphorically, and the world is only yours?
How do we know that they aren’t just going to pack up and walk away when they feel like it?

And least of all, when will they show us?
When will they show us that they love every last kiss, even the morning breath, or chapped lip ones?
When will they show us that even on our worst days, the drunken nights, the sick days, that they will be there, through and through?
When will they show us, that those late night excuses are reality, and not thick skinned lies?
When will they show us?

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