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March 29, 2018
By Trinidy BRONZE, Fort Frances, Ontario
Trinidy BRONZE, Fort Frances, Ontario
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There’s voices inside my mind
They tear me apart more than I could myself
The voices don’t leave they never stay silent
I’m breaking inside but you never see
I smile and laugh and pretend I’m okay
But there’s a war in my mind
I’m losing this battle
I’m dying inside
I can’t take this much longer I need it to stop
I’m screaming for help but you can’t hear
Sooner or later the voices will win
It’s not getting better
The voices are screaming and I can’t hear you talking
They keep getting louder
The louder they get the more I break
I can’t take it much longer I need an escape
I grab the blade
It still doesn’t stop
I’m crying and screaming I need it to end
I grab the alcohol
I drink to much but the voices are louder then ever
I’m so drunk and bloody laying on the floor
I grab the pills
I take them all and wait for internal sleep
I’m dozing off
The voices are getting quiet
I fall into darkness
The voices die down
The more pills I swallow down with alcohol the quieter it gets
It soon gets dark there’s not a thing to see
I’m finally at peace
The voices stop
And so does my heart

The author's comments:

This is dedicated to a friend I lost to suicide. 

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