From me, to me

March 29, 2018

I am a person, I am a person with thoughts and dreams and wants and loves and needs. I show the happiness with the drugs I take. Dreams I don't have at night but more in the day. My thoughts are ones to deep to comprehend to me I guess do I really have feelings? Do I actually want to live or deal with this life? or do I want feel nothing in darkness for the rest of my life? I love far too many people and never show it. I want to explain my life from start to finish but feel if I reveal the love will fade away not from me but from them. I need companionship but love to be alone. When I'm with myself I feel alone yet satisfied and when I'm with you I feel alone but wanted. Rio you are a person a sh**ty person with a big heart and lots of mistakes. Do the mistakes make you who you are? Or are they just mistakes? Live life to the fullest! I would say I've accomplished that. roam around get lost in life and wonder why I'm up at night. I'm a person a person who struggles a person who has 0 money to his name. Does that make me a failure or does it make me want to succeed more. I listen to red white and blue telling me what to do "sit down" "shut up" and "do what you want" who are they and why do they speak. I am a person but are these 3 colors who I may be? I don't know and I may never never know. But I know i am me. I am a person. Love to love and love to hate but maybe its just a bigger debate, I'm a person. A person with thoughts, dreams, wants and needs. Am I really that different?

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