Ancestral Trait to Derived Trait, The Evolutionary Reversal

March 29, 2018
By 11Eleven11 GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
11Eleven11 GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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Egyptian Priest: studious surgeon, recapitulated religious rituals, conducted ceremonies.
All organs extracted except the heart after death.
The remains embalmed then washed and wrapped with linen.
Priests emphasized the ideology of God’s, the priests spoke through them.
600 BC Egyptian Priests knowledge surpasses most of millennials.

Maasai Warrior: protecting livestock, entail excruciating pain, portraying sobriety.
The tribes defended cattle over the four month journey to wetland.
Emotion deferred while undergoing circumcision in front of the whole community.
The use of any drug denouncing in sight of always being alert to rescue their cattle.
Maasai Warriors knowledge surpasses most of millennials.

Native Crow Warriors: stalked big game prey, planted vegetation, protected against other tribes.
Leaders and chiefs carved Buffalo, deer, elk, bear and wild turkey.
Mothers cleaved roots, spinach, prairie turnips and wild berries.
Warriors clashed with other tribes to keep their land safe.
Native Crow Warriors knowledge surpasses most of millennials.
Millennials: buzzing phone, bad eating habits, constantly indulged by electronics.
Teenagers bamboozled by sounds buzzed by their phone.
Overweight busy workers bogged down by convenient fast food.
Never outside to see the world, constantly bounded by rekindling pixels on a screen.
Millennials knowledge surpasses...

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