March 28, 2018

She’s caught up and destressed
Now she’s getting undressed
For the wuartbsck of the football team
She wouldn’t be the girl to be with him as it seems
She’s trying so hard to keep up with everyone
But she’s drowning and coming undone
And now she’s gasping for last breaths
As he reaches for her waist
But her heart has nothing left
Her books have been shoved away
She wished her mother would have stayed
Her dad told her he’s working late
And told her to study so she doesn’t have the same fait
Now she’s stil with the football guy
Looking at herself wanting to die
All she’s done with her life
I’d twist tear and deepen the knife
Her background put it in her back so very deep
And lying by herself she falls alseep
Waking up the next morning she does the same thing
Hoping and angle would lend her their wings

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