A Night in Town- The Streets of Old Milwaukee

March 28, 2018
By TimidPlatypus GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
TimidPlatypus GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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His starched collar matched his posture–stiff.
The cool bricks clicked and clattered as he approached her house.
With nerves tingling and stomach churning, he closed in on the front door.
She answered his knock with a glowing countenance.

The band played emulating the pace at which they walked–prolonged.
Walking hand in hand, the stifling wind swirled and brought whiffs of pizza.
Steadily, nerves dissipated and anticipation settled on them for the food to come.
Her glowing countenance made the darkness of night seem like day.

Welcomed into the pizza parlor with a door held open she felt elegant–ladylike.
Swiftly whisked to their table, they sat on the sapphire bench.
He stretched his arms, and with a yawn, he had his arm around her.
They leaned in and locked eyes with a glowing countenance.

Slowly, they got up and the band once playing loudly copied the energy–dying.
He dropped her off at home and felt satisfied.
That once nervous feeling, was now confidence: there would be another date.
Walking alone now, those streets brought back memories of Old Milwaukee.

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