Dinosaurs the first to earth

March 28, 2018

Predecessors to predators.
Prehistoric with nothing left to show their existence.
Long before humans were on the planet.
Over 100 Million Years ago.

Aimed to kill, sign your will.
Top dogs on the food chain.
In packs like a  gang.
Filling their bellies with meat.
Over 100 million years ago.

The carnivores smelling fresh blood,
A feeding frenzy ensuing.
Dark clouds are boiling up above,
Like a scene from the titanic.
Everyone in panic, an unexpected nightmare approaching.
Over 100 million years ago.

The biggest theory known to man.
A storm for the ages, one that shook the world.
Triggered an extinction, like a nuclear bomb.
Like a warzone, nothing left behind.
Everything vanished, in a blink.
Over 100 million years ago.

Years of darkness and desperation.
We gained some motivation,
Many myths determining the cause of all the destruction,
Like a blender they got shredded.
Over 100 million years ago.

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