The Bustling Streets of Old Milwaukee

March 28, 2018


Still, quiet, peace saturates the streets of Old Milwaukee


Street lights extinguish suddenly, like candles after mass.
Hundreds of wisenheimers in the streets, like horses let out of the stables.
Cars toot horns, like dogs barking.
Street cars funnel through the flood of people, like cattle herded.
Black suits create a dark, strong flowing stream, like the Milwaukee River.
Goops cause commotions, intercepted by Hawkshaws.
Speed picks up, comotion rises, and sound amplifies.


Suddenly, people arrive at their daily enterprise,
settle into their workplace—
whether it's at the Falk Co. or in the Office—
acclimating and preparing for a day of work, like birds in their nests.


Just like that, the work day begins
At last,
In the streets of Old Milwaukee.

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