Venture Through the Vivarium

March 27, 2018
By racergirl77 GOLD, Oconomowoc , Wisconsin
racergirl77 GOLD, Oconomowoc , Wisconsin
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Olivia spots the butterfly exhibit,
as people chatter around her.
She brushes against the heard, 
as the air thickens and the temperatures rise.

Olivia’s eyes widen; she catches a glimpse of the lush tropical garden before her,
soothing music, and murmur of the cascading waterfall.
The dense, moist air transports her to a tropical rainforest,
as her mood elevates.

Olivia watches children running, skipping, and
squealing just as a butterfly lands on their hands.
She hears contagious giggles,
focusing on the delicate, free flying creatures. 

Olivia spots an exotic creatures sipping nectar, and
hears a rush butterflies brush the tip of her nose.
She picks up the remains of an old crystalline,
she smiles; the most simple and beautiful form of life.

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