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The Note

March 27, 2018
By bluelightning27 BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
bluelightning27 BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Darkness takes over               
Loneliness is a friend
Life is a sad memory
The Note
Life can be good
They say
With tears of hate
Running   down   their   face
The Note
Staying positive
Is not possible
For the Rejection
They’ve gained
The Note
They tell themselves
They don't belong
Born in the wrong time
And in the wrong place
The Note
The rope
Holding her up
From the ground
The Note
Or a bloody bullet
Holding sadness
For the ones
Who loved him
The Note
They fell too deep
Into the darkness
With No
Light Around
The Note
They meet
Their final
breaking point
The Note
Their last words
Of love
Left In messy
Hand writing
The Note
Their bodys
No life left
The Note
Once beautiful eyes
Full of life
Now blank
Without color
The Note
No one could
Have stopped this
they didn’t Know
The Note

The Marks

The Look

The Change

The Note
“I'm sorry…
I have no hope left
I can’t go on
I have     no point”
The Note
Tears fall
On the crumpled Paper
Their Last words
Of Sadness

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