I Sit

April 1, 2018
By Lowercaselife BRONZE, Leawood, Kansas
Lowercaselife BRONZE, Leawood, Kansas
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I sit there
At the loud and clammity Mexican restaurant
Among my family
I hear what they have to say
Of what they had to say
Has every single word of their spoken dialects consisted of what they
Haven’t said ?
I keep to mind the syllables I mostly do not wish to select
I feel my eyes hurt
As I see the eyes of my mother
As I’ve seen them before
My eyes multiply
As I see this table
Through the eyes of them
And hear every word
Slightly different
But magnified to an intolerable volt
They eat
Eat away
Later finding that they have laid their eggs
Upon my mattress
Now that I can't sleep
I arise
And start walking
Down the dark hallway
As the carpet cracks and crunches with age
I open the front door
Twist its lock
And find myself amid the intolerable
Coldness of the snow
With every step I sink more
As the frigid winds twist and tangle my ratty hair
I breathe
So hard
That the midnight air cries for mercy
My bare skin screams in the terror of the night’s snow
As I find my feet to be entering the Forest
Three crows look down at me
As I test the creek for temperature
I dip my toe in first
And lead with my outstretched right leg
The water boils as I creep into it’s monstrous body
My bones ache
As the sizzling depths eat away at my skin
Now penetrating my bones
Their waters flow into my bloodstream
As I cripple into the body
The water
Somehow more buoyant than myself
As I float above
As the boils of its depths sink with me
I open my eyes
Right as an aleinalic figure forcefully grabs my left hand
I scream as its warm hand drags me down deeper
The bubbles escaping my mouth sink deeper and deeper as I fall
I breathe easy now
As the water cools to a crisp
The slush liquid begins to freeze
As my view fogs
Only to see a green light
I am in the dead center of a black tarred road
Where only the horizon can be seen as
The lights pulsate voraciously
As I trudge over to the dark horizon
I glance over at a window
A pure crystal of glass
My hand reaches out
As I am incapable of passing beyond its vast area
I fall
As does the rain
As it pecks at my bony skull
We stay there together
And become one
As the window cracks
We flow beyond its barrier
And into another liquid body
I am overcome with the taste of salinity
As the water evaporates
Leaving me
In a barren desert
I see the ring of a marvelous light rise above
As the prunish-violet sunset casts
It’s gold into the sky
The sun strikes it light across the sky
And lets glimmering golden flakes
Of sundew
Twirl to the ground
As they compile
I climb
Higher and higher into the sky
As flakes of golden dust
Seep into my pores
Making all but nothing
Seemingly luminous
I awaken in the ashes of
My eyelashes
And dust the dawn off of my sleeve
I breathe in
And exhale
As the shockwaves and distress of reality
Gulp them into its nothingness
Once again
I sit there
Looking through my eyes
Multiplied by many
Seeing all
In a luminosity
Too grand to measure
I sit

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem, because things can be scary sometimes-especially if they’re inside you.

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