March 31, 2018

Let me introduce you to the world of Kanchi, a 30 year old woman who is now a mother of a 2 year old girl,
At the age of 5, she was asked not to interact with a stranger because that could be unsafe but wasn’t told that one day would be asked to marry one.
At 7, she was told to respect her elders but wasn’t told how to retaliate when they groped her.
At 9, she was taught to become doctor without being taught how to deal with the 'viruses' that infect the society.
At 12, her first menstrual cycle was celebrated but for the rest of her life she was told her boundaries.
At 13, she was told that her breasts were just  a part of her body but the people around, made her feel like they were no more than objects to sexualise.
At 16, she was advised not to react to the sounds of whistling and hooting for they might invite more trouble.
At 18, They wanted her to voice her opinions but constantly reminded her of her limitations when she did.
At 27, she  realised that spreading her legs to sit is a disgusting thing to do but doing the same infront of her husband with or without her consent was her duty.
Kanchi is a wife, sister, daughter and a mother. And Kanchi is every Meera, Tara and Diya who never got to speak for themselves.
So now At 30, she demands for her freedom. The freedom to talk to any stranger without telling him that she 'isn’t asking for it'. The freedom to answer back a whistler without fearing her retaliations. The freedom to express herself without being labelled sl*t. The freedom to wear her own choice. The freedom to step into the kitchen or a temple without being told she was impure. The freedom to stay out late at night without the fear of any assault. And, expressing her ‘no' because she just  didn’t want it that night.
Dear everyone, it's never too late to stand for a cause. Today Kanchi demands her rights. So let us all unite and empower our women and girls and help the realise their worth.

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