March 30, 2018

Words are used
And sometimes in
A very bad way
Words are used
To help and love
Words sometimes fit
Like a glove
Words like
And kind
Those are the ones
We read in the lines
Since words are used
How can they be used
In a bad way?
Words like
And fat
It’s words like that
The ones that hurt
And make people cry
The cruel ones.
But sometimes words can be
Words like thank you
Please and
Good job
It’s words like these
That make people cheese
Because these words
Can change someone’s life
For the better
Thank you is a word
That is underused
And love is a word
That is abused
Please is downright
Never heard
Just like a bird
In winter’s cold
I guess it’s because
It got old
And useless to use
For our daily life
So they are forgotten
Lost in the wind
Just like my thoughts
I try to keep straight
The ones that always
Keep me awake

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