March 30, 2018
By Aunnerving BRONZE, Accra, Other
Aunnerving BRONZE, Accra, Other
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The streets echo with cries of pedlars

And desperate traders

The man on the bicycle selling the yoghurt

The pantryman with the heavy hot pots

Heart raced is the sobolo girl chasing the trotro bus for just one cedi


But behold that pompous fool headed girl

Full of chuckles at the sweating bofrot woman

The so called prestigious lawyer

mocking the little cobbler


And quite soon shall this scorn morph into pain

Pain then shall transform into hate

Hate shall birth anger a

nd anger shall release destruction

It is time we appreciate those on the streets

The hardworking men and women out there

Those struggling to make a living

And it is time we rebuke the decayed white collared workers

Who cheat to make a living.

Maybe then can the canker that rots us all dissipate from our midsts




*sobolo_ cheap local Ghanaian drink *trotro_ usually dilapidated commercial bus *bofrot_ doughnuts 

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