The River of Lies

March 26, 2018
Lies swim around us.
They bring forth a might flood, all of which is stopped by a dam we built for our selves.
Why did we build it?
Why couldn’t we have been strong enough to face the torrent head on?
It’s because we’ve always known the truth, deep down, but we never wanted to face it.
We keep running and running, until we are out of breath, flopping around like a fish out of water, trying to get some air.
We built this massive veil to overlay our society of expectations and lies, but when some lies overflow, we look upon them with the utmost hatred upon our expressions.
Some of us get hit by the falling water.
Some of us drown because of it.
Still, no one has ever thought to have more defenses against these lies.
If we’d have just let the lies run their course, we should never had this much build up behind the dam.
As a society, we need someone to take down the dam, but now it would flood us and kill every one of us at the base.
All we’ve learned to do was to keep building upward, and forget about the problem for a while.

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Anna.E.M said...
yesterday at 4:22 pm
Powerful. Good job!
Chris D. replied...
yesterday at 11:28 pm
Thank you for reading! Still new, but it’s fun to do!
Anna.E.M replied...
today at 6:44 pm
No problem! Keep going! I only recently started publishing my poetry too. It is so much fun
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