Big and Beautiful in Blue

March 26, 2018
By KayJean SILVER, Madelia, Minnesota
KayJean SILVER, Madelia, Minnesota
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I was born to not be seen, be heard
All the voices say I look pretty in pink
But I want to change their thoughts, their minds.
Want to change the speed at which they eject their stereotypes

I was born small and was meant to stay that way
Not allowed to eat the way I please
Couldn’t participate in the food styled games
I could not grow to my full size, my full me

I was born a little girl meant to be quiet
My tongue was clipped in half
My mouth sewn shut completely
I wish I had the ability to do that to you

I was born to be swaddled in pink linen
I was raised to be silent unless spoken to
I was meant to be small, skinny, slim
I was supposed to be Petite and Pretty in Pink

I will slash society’s wrists like my own,
Force them onto the same scale I was glued to,
Make them swallow limited food and countless diet pills,
I WILL NOT be another one of their suicidal stereotypes

I am going to speak my mind
I am going to be seen by everyone
I am going to eat whatever I damn please
I am Big and Beautiful in Blue

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