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March 26, 2018
By KayJean SILVER, Madelia, Minnesota
KayJean SILVER, Madelia, Minnesota
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Winter is when long sleeves come out to play,
Jeans become glued to your legs from the snow.
The freezing wind makes you cry while
The sun pulls you into a snowbank to play.

Spring is how you leap from bed to see the morning flowers;
The smell will pull you to your knees,
And you’ll want to play in the garden all day with
The little creatures that have even come out to smell the flowers.

Summer is the perfect time alive.
Shorts, tank tops, swimsuits, is all you ever seem to wear and,
The smell of lake water and a bomb fire are alway lingering around.
The nights always end later and later because that’s when you’re truly

Fall is like death and love all wrapped into one.
Beauty in the trees around us dying while we are still thriving
Fires burn brighter in prayer for every fallen tree for
Those trees could be us someday, falling, one by one.

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