March 20, 2018
By Taylorrweirich GOLD, Temperance, Michigan
Taylorrweirich GOLD, Temperance, Michigan
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How can one person say they are going to do one thing
But yet completely do an unrelated something?
How can one call you their best friend when you are alone
But when somebody else is in the picture hang up the phone?

Just because I am busy
Doesn’t give you the right to disregard me
I just don’t understand your thought process
When you know that what you’re going is filled with unkindness

I am just confused as to what you are thinking when we hangout
Probably along the lines of that we have been friends forever so it is too late to backout
I can tell the minute I say hi
That all you want to do is say bye

Think about the time that we have spent with each other lately
Hasn’t been much because I know what you have been saying to the others on a daily
I just don’t know how you think it is okay to ditch someone
When you and I originally made the plans to have some fun

You always tell me we need to hangout again
Then how come I haven’t seen a text asking what I am doing this weekend
If you think this is mean then look in the mirror
Cause I should have known the minute you left me during recess fifth grade year

Pictures is something we don’t have a lot of
Once again I asked and you found an excuse higher above
I am confused as of to how you thought it was okay to do all that you have done
I know my parents never taught me to stoop that low just to hurt someone

How do I know?
Think about all the times I asked and you said no
No, nobody told me
I just figured it out after all the years of holding on to what I thought was we

Through all the confusion as of to how you could act like that
I have learned how not to treat people and I am done being your packrat
I am done being there only on your convenience
So goodbye to confusion, I am done with your grievances 

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