The Chance

March 20, 2018
By Lucy10 BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
Lucy10 BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
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A little over a year ago,
I met him by chance.
I didn’t want to go
To the Christmas party.
I didn’t want to see happy people
I didn’t want to see them talking
I didn’t want to see best friends
When I didn’t have any myself.
But, I thought, ‘why not’?
I carpooled with a friend,
Through the icy snow we drove
To the party
Just by chance.
When we arrived, I saw them,
The happy, anonymous fools.
‘Great’, I thought, ‘a get to know you activity.’
The game that changed it all.
We all swarmed, jumped, and shouted
To fill out our similarities cards first.
It was then that I saw him, purely by chance.
It was then that I approached him, purely by chance.
It was just a chance that we talked,
A chance that he complimented me,
A chance that I said I liked his shirt.
He didn’t have a phone,
(not a good one, anyways)
By chance, I made a Facebook just to talk to him.
It was just a chance that we met.
Just a chance that we talked.
All of it was a chance, that we’re still in love
After only one year. I know, from this year
There’s a very high chance that he’s the one forever.
But there’s that one chance that scares me,
On that freezing night, over a whole year ago,
There’s a chance I didn’t go, or didn’t talk,
The chance that I couldn’t have met him at all.

The author's comments:

Real story of how my current boyfriend and I met, but I turned it into a poem. 

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