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March 20, 2018
By Anonymous

You don’t make time for me. Or any else.
Not if you aren’t benefiting from it.
Mom told me so but I didn’t believe her.
I wanted to believe that people could change.
Which you did, in the wrong way.
Ever since grandpa died I realized who you really were.
Our relationship is like a dying flower.
Beautiful, before it started to deteriorate.
The memories we have are short.
They don’t even seem like memories.
They seem more like vivid moments.
On social media you portray a different idea.
Uploading all these pictures when you barely come around.
I truly don’t believe you care for me or my sister.
Or your other grandkids. Doesn’t that hurt?
They are going to grow up and barely know you.
I’ll be 17 soon so its too late for me.
It hurts us but I don’t think you care.
Your’e hurtful, you care about no one other then yourself.
I have never heard you say that you were sorry.
There are have been times when I have waited for you and you let me down.
Why are you like this?
Did you not want to be a grandma?
Or even a mother?
Why do you act like such a child?
I don’t ask for much. Just your love.
But I guess I can say you taught me things without being here.
You taught me that family isn’t everything.
And nothing is ever like the movies.
That sometimes it's better to be alone than live a lie.
Because at least when I’m alone I know the truth.

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