Where I Come From

March 19, 2018
By Anonymous

Where I come from,
We are dreamers.
There is laughter and love,
But there are nightmares too,
With darkness and rain.
A piano plays our
Every mood. It goes,
Whatever we hear,
We feel.


Where I come from,
We are readers. We travel the world
Within thin, white pages.
When we turn, we fly.
We get lost and wonder
If it’s worth going back.
We escape so easily.
We think too much
Where I come from.


Where I come from,
We are workers.
We work hard
And we push ourselves,
Sometimes past our
Breaking points.
We keep our armor on,
Even if it’s broken.
We fight.


Where I come from,
We are fighters.
We are broken
Yet we keep all of
Our pieces together.
We know things
Are okay and that they
Always will be,
Where I come from.

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