March 19, 2018
By XJ126 BRONZE, Place, Alaska
XJ126 BRONZE, Place, Alaska
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I threw a snowball across the backyard.
My dog ran after it to bring it back.
Her fur as white as the snow she loved to lick.


She forgot about the snowball then,
instead brought her attention to other things
like the squirrel crawling along the wooden fence.
Her tiny body let out fierce barks,
they pierced the frost-bitten air
like tiny daggers belonging to a warrior
trapped inside a prison of fur.


Stella is her name, it matches her spunk.
Like A Streetcar Named Desire,
We shout it out when her spunk shows:




She’s a good dog however,
just a little pup growing into her paws.
She loves to be herself
especially around her “siblings.”
Yelling at her sister,
biting her brother’s ears.


She thinks she’s in charge, but we think she’s being cute.
She’s smart alright, and she’ll listen (for the most part).
She’ll sit for you, yet not for long,
For when the warrior spirit ignites,
Stella will show you her spunk.

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