colors of him

March 14, 2018
By Zoom7 PLATINUM, Joliet, Illinois
Zoom7 PLATINUM, Joliet, Illinois
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A real laugh—not a forced laugh—one as light as a bell, one as true as proof, one that goes without saying, one that means a million words. A real laugh—not a forced laugh—one as bright as day, one as crystal as sight, one as unique as a finger print, one as bold as neon lights, one as shy as shadows, one that is real with no mirages. 

He makes me feel that true laugh. Never once have I lied to him, never once will I. The whole world is in a more vibrant color that has a deeper meaning to me.  Like colors in the wind who need a new place.

White is in the blank,

Red is in the wind,

Orange is in the ears,

Yellow is in the mind,

Green is in the gut,

Blue is in the heart,

Purple is in the town,

Pink is in the house,

Grey is in the ashes,

Brown is in the fall,

Black is in the world.

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