Dangerous and Dreadful to Beautiful and Friendly

March 14, 2018
By maggie_1087 BRONZE, Plainfield, IL, Illinois
maggie_1087 BRONZE, Plainfield, IL, Illinois
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You are not welcome here

The sky was grieving, dangerous, and mysterious

Tree's crashed 

Falling snow was falling angels 

Wind tore viciously 

The early beautiful morning turned to shyness

Unwanted attention

Dry, sharp, and dark commotion

Only the work of pure evil

You are not welcome here

Small outcrops swept across the landscape like trolls

The commotion was silence 

The brown grass looked on and retired home

Something many people don’t understand

A thousand miles of mysterious land

The wind stopped like a celestial command

Brushed away 

A warning disregarded

Pure west 

The amazement of the pure west

The sun trapped its beautiful light

She glowed like a small fire

The sun was heaven 

Lovely beyond thought 

Dazzled by the comfort of her colors

A path of red and rich brown streaks

Sculpted hills burned away their dreadful look

Light pouring slantwise 

The sun descending

Lovely beyond thought 

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