Sad Society

March 14, 2018
By britspoetry BRONZE, Bethalto , Illinois
britspoetry BRONZE, Bethalto , Illinois
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I look in the mirror.
But do I like what I see?
Of course I do not.
I would change it all if I could.
But why?
Because, society.
Your face is not clear.
Your face is too wide.
Skinny? yes.
But not skinny enough.
But you do not look like her.
Your boobs aren’t big.
What is a pretty face?
Photo shopped supermodels?
I don’t give a damn.
F*** social media.
Screw starving.
Screw fake models.

The author's comments:

This was written about self esteem and not looking at the way the world wants to see you, but focussing on the way that you should see yourself. 

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