March 16, 2018
By MusicandMemories GOLD, Chantilly, Virginia
MusicandMemories GOLD, Chantilly, Virginia
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Do you hear the storm?
It’s coming from afar
There’s a rumbling on the horizon
A dying, shattered star

Do you feel the ground?
The quake beneath your feet?
There’s a storm that’s coming soon
Its tantrum is no treat

Do you know its raining?
Stampeding droplets coming down
Feel them rolling off your skin
Don’t stop running now

Feet are tearing up the sand
‘Stop!’ your weary body commands

But don’t stop running,
No, not now
For the storm’s a comin
And none knows how

To escape its blasts of freedom
To push away its icy doors
There isn’t yet a survivor
Of that hushed dusk corridor-----

-Do you hear the knockin at the door?

It begs to go inside.
Please. Please open the door
The storm will push and shove until its hinges break

So run, my friend.
Run until your feet blister
Run until you only hear a timid tiny whisper

Run until there’s nothing
but the impeding tempest’s form
It’s built up like a firework
Like an army it’ll storm

You are drenched with rain
By the storm that couldn’t refrain
From messing up your brain
It’s a lion, wild, untamed

Your hair is scorched with lightning,
Your feet are bleeding thorns
You fall down off your course
The storm beats you to the floor.

You push, you pounce,
Get away! You shriek

There isn’t a cure to make the storm disappear
There isn’t a vaccine

You hear the storm, yes.
But- do you listen?
You look at the storm, yes.
But- do you see?

Kneel beside the brewing storm
You know will surely burst
And listen to its thunder
Listen to its curse

For underneath its boldness
And its nerve-wracking clouds
There’s a little tiny being
That’s laughed at like a clown

For he’s tiny and he’s meek
He’s quiet as the crowds

The sky’s vast blanket of darkness
Is  merely the cloak
He wears to cover his shivering soul

When he’s bottled himself up
Screwed the lid on with a squeak
The smallest of extra drops
Makes his soul shriek

Pop! goes the weasel
Boom! Goes the champagne
Out comes the fury and emotion
All those thoughts unchained

He bursts forth, in all his majesty
With rage he’s breaking free
Now you see the full capacity
Of the unseen, secret travesty

You were runnin from the storm
Thinkin’ it hated you
But no!
It wanted you

There was no one else-
No one else!
No one else’s door to knock on

No one else was ready to listen
No one else was ready to see

It’s such a privilege,
Don’t you see,
To be stormed upon?
To be chased?
To be trusted with his tragedy?

The rain is fallin
The field is callin

Callin for you

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