I wonder

March 23, 2018
By damareia222 BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
damareia222 BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
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I feel like my life is not going well
But when do I throw in the towel and ring that bell?

Who do I tell my feelings to
What would they do

I wonder?

I sometimes find myself crying alone
I seem to always put myself in this zone

Its like you tell them one thing and they are “concerned”
then they start seeing the “pattern”

I wonder?

I need to get out my statement
But where do I have a placement

I need a direction
From whom would I get a suggestion

I wonder?

I seem to find myself in this pause
but then I think what’s my cause

I think “do i need to resurface “
but then “ do I even have a purpose ”

I wonder?

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