My Demon

March 22, 2018
By Katiehemler BRONZE, Westamtpon, New Jersey
Katiehemler BRONZE, Westamtpon, New Jersey
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I have a demon that follows me everywhere I go,
His name is anxiety
He is sitting in my front seat of my car as I drive to school,
Then he is sitting next to me through every class,
He tags along when I go to work,
And he is lying on the other side of my bed every single night,
Night time, that’s his favorite time to shine

He loves to make me feel terrible
He loves to tear my happiness away
Somehow he can make going anywhere in public extremely difficult
Presentations, job interviews, making friends,
Never gonna happen

He is always there, next to me, watching me
He’s not just following me, but he is inside my mind too
Constantly putting me down, constantly telling me “you can’t do this, you can’t do that”
All the medications and the therapists in the world can not get him to go away
He knows I am weak, and that he is strong
He feeds off of the constant pain he brings me
The less I panic, the hungrier he gets

I need this demon to stop following me,
He has been here since I was a little girl,
And I’m extremely tired of him.

The author's comments:

I have had diagnosed anxiety since before I could even remember. I hope other teenagers who read this poem will realize that they are not alone and things can get better.

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